Or, like some, you understand how antennas really work, and are interested in having the most efficient antenna available that doesn't require a 150 foot tall tower, or a gazillion ground radials to be effective!

Regardless of your reason for visiting the Official MagLoop Website, I promise to provide real performance solutions, without compromise.

Why not benefit from my 35 plus years of antenna building experience, and learn more about the MagLoop brand that I created back in 2005? My magnetic loop offerings were off of most operator's radars, and therefore unknown. Until now, I only offered custom design and build services. However, things have now changed.

While I balance completing this site with producing The MagLoop, I would still like to communicate with you about my offerings and answer all your questions. Stay up to date with latest info about The MagLoop by being in the "loop" so to speak. To gain access to all the details and then some, please provide me with your email address below. Besides, as a MagLoop Insider, should you decide to purchase one, if your email has been on file with me, you will qualify for a meaningful discount coupon. The only communciations that you will receive from me will be pertaining to my Magnetic Loop Antennas.

Thank You & 73 VE3UK, W.R. (Bob) Leschyna

MagLoop, Founder & Owner